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With love



From behind my virtual counter let me introduce myself:

My name is Lisa Shelly Gabriel. I make various items - jewelry, ornaments and other equipment whose sole purpose is so you can give a loving touch to those whom you love.

I am the leader in this field, which means spending all day thinking about how to design and create new items. I try out different materials, innovative methods, and new designs - experimenting up to 30 times for each new piece.

In order to come up with original and fresh ideas, I stopped looking at T.V., newspaper articles and chat by phone three years ago. Try it by yourself and you might discover something new, or win the Nobel Prize.

I am constantly learning new material and following the latest research in the field.

I check my artworks out with people, not monkeys or mice, and treat the items themselves as people – talking to them, lovingly touching them, listening to them, so that it can find its true self.

And now for a commercial break (yes, what did you expect?) I would be honored if you should spontaneously decide, for no particular reason, to try one or two items from my store – whichever your heart may desire. This way I will know that my work has real meaning, thus, by loving my work, you also love me. End of commercial.

And if you treat the item that I have created for you, even for one day, like a person who understands, knows, and quietly calms you, you will discover a friend who knows how to listen, read thoughts, and has a soft and pleasant touch – protecting, healing, arousing, and calming.

And if you listen to the item that I have created for you, just for a day, you will discover that it can talk. Once a hour it will tell you:

I love you not because of your body, whether it is fat or thin.

I love you not for your bank account, whether in credit or debit.

I love you not on account of how you behave, whether stupid or brilliant.

I love your because I have become part of you.

I see all your thoughts; I feel your tears, even when you pretend not to cry, falling inside you, inside your heart, and building a lump of salt.

I wonder, what is more difficult for you: to listen to me or to listen to yourself.

Although just as a piece of stone, I try to advance, to become human, like Pinocchio, so that you as a person can advance and become your true self.

End of transmission.Thank you for listening to me.

Lisa Shelly Gabriel, Herzelia 2012


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